About us

A'Maze Africa was born of a conversation between family.  Two sisters, Bisi MacGregor and Kemi MacGregor Dickson noticed while the Western Culture is warmly embraced in Africa, the same could not be said for African Culture in Western countries,  There was little to no knowledge or appreciation for African culture.  

They were in a unique place to know, born in the United States to Nigerian parents, the ladies grew up in both worlds, their early formative years spent in Nigeria, they settled back in to the land of their birth.

A’Maze Africa was formed to unearth the beauty and essence that is Africa and also bring consciousness to the possibilities there.

A’Maze Africa exists to introduce our customers to the bold colors, vivid pattern and themes of the African continent.  The products are a demonstration of art imitating life, tapping into the wellspring of creativity that has spanned Africa throughout the ages, ever alive and renewed. The range of products represents the continent, satisfying a variety of preferences in attitude, identity, authenticity and freedom.

The sisters collaborate on all aspects of the company. Bisi is the Creative, Kemi is the Management, with input on every aspect of running the company from each other.


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