May 30, 2016

Modern men’s clothing is vibrant and expressive and provides many opportunities to reach beyond the mainstream. Modern men are now open to incorporating ethnic styles and accessories that can enhance the overall appearance of an individual style.

One of the best options for inclusion in a modern male’s wardrobe are

Amaze Africa Scarf
African Masks Scarf

accessories that are African inspired. Since there is now a trend toward color and standout fabric patterns, African print items are sure to pique the interest of any man who wants to wear something new and unique.

As one of the premier fashion designers, Louis Vuitton is now offering a line that’s African Inspired –  wallets and other small leather items that will compliment any modern male wardrobe. The vibrant colors of these items reflect the designs found on tribal masks and African national symbols. The designs comprise collections of traditional African art, and represent a markedly brilliant match to present day male clothing styles.

The FW and SS Ikire’ Jones menswear and accessories lines are one of the premier designer experiments that aim to infuse unadulterated African print style into modern male clothing.  An abundance of Ankara fabrics are used to create unique and extremely eye-catching items like scarves, overcoats, casual shirts, and neckties. This line concentrates on turning the patterns normally seen on Ankara fabrics used in African traditional wears into clothing items that satisfy a modern man’s desire for blending personal style, with a fun and attractive international inspiration.

Croc Skin Briefcase
A’Maze Africa Croc Skin Briefcase


Alike, yours Truly, A’Maze Africa has used elements from the continent of Africa to create unique patterns that we have turned into striking, beautiful, modern day socks for men.  An example are patterns created from African wooden carved combs. See more in the shop.

Comb Socks
African Wooden Carved Combs Print Socks

Even wardrobe accessories like sneakers and slip-on footwear are helping men to adopt and communicate an appreciation for the beauty and versatility of African inspired clothing. Farfetch “Africa” slip-on sneakers take the casual comfort of 60s flat sole footwear, and integrates a colorful design that reflects African culture, while matching color schemes emerging in the most fashion-forward mens clothing lines.

There’s no doubt that African prints have always fascinated men’s clothing designers in the West for centuries. The fabrics are utterly comfortable and universal, and the color schemes are perfect for all trends. The magic of African inspired designs is that they provide perfect expression with new trends, yet always lead to an appreciation of the beauty found in traditional clothing of African people. Inclusion of African patterns, materials, color schemes, and prints in male wardrobes not only expands western tastes, but help men all over the world appreciate the originality and sacred brilliance found on the African continent.

African Print Socks
African Wooden Carved Combs Print

Our products are a demonstration of art imitating life with a story behind each African Print tapping into the wellspring of Africa

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