May 30, 2016

African inspired creations are versatile and inspiring that satisfy a specific niche in fashion. Difficult to find in mainstream markets; they make incredibly lovely and thoughtful gifts.

Vividness, bold colors, shape, and textures are all hallmarks of anything African inspired. Obviously, gifts that are African inspired have some or all of its qualities inspired by the continent.

With these qualities, African inspired products make for fashionable and elegant pieces. This creates a wide spectrum for gift-giving for both men and women alike. Here are three great gift choices for women.

Beaded Necklaces

Beads have been a cultural craft mainstay in Africa ever since early traders arrived on the continent. Clusters of vibrant colors including blue, red, orange, green, peach and white

Masai Beads. Handmade in Tanzania
Masai Beads.
Handmade in Tanzania

beads form some of the most unique jewelry in the world. This is an extraordinary jewelry that goes with any ensemble and body type. African inspired jewelry are hardly quiet.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to complete any ensemble.  They range from big conversation starters to subtle, delicate yet stylish pieces.



Handmade Cowhide Bags

The African Cowhide leather bags transcend every distinct culture in Africa.  It is the most iconic piece of art and fashion found on the continent. These bags for women go from everyday to travel and even a night out on the town. For men, these pieces of artwork serve as wallets, briefcases, travel, and small incontinence bags.

Cowhide Bucket Bag
Handmade in Kano, Nigeria

These bags make the perfect gift for that person that appreciates the opportunity to describe herself and himself with distinct details, style, and one that enjoys bold fashion statements.

African Print Tote Bags

Today, One of the more universal items made from Ankara print material is the fashion-forward tote bag . The bag is covered with African Print waxed material that features incredibly vivid and distinct color patterns that tell a story.  There is no western clothing combination that cannot be styled better with an African Print tote bag. The vibrant colors, simple style, and utility is attractive to all women, and the designs provide a mode of self-expression.  They make for a unique and beautiful gift for any occasion.

Dashiki Tote Bag
Handmade African Print Tote Bag

African Inspired creations are one of the most richest and most beautiful pieces on the planet. Giving one of these as a gift is a unique opportunity to celebrate an individual’s style, confidence, and self expression.

Our products are a demonstration of art imitating life with a story behind each African Print tapping into the wellspring of Africa.

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